A more humane way to recruit – see the potential beyond job descriptions and resumes

Communications, marketing and design

Knack is a boutique recruitment firm based in Stockholm, Sweden. We believe in true conversations and great matchmaking. Our areas of expertise are communications, marketing and design. We’ve worked in the industry – we know the industry.

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Knack are experts at roles within communications, marketing and design. With a network of over 7000 professionals in the industry we know how to find the right person to solve your problem.

a more humane way to recruit

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Become part of Knack’s network you too, and we will be in touch when we find a job or a freelance gig that we think would suit your profile. Fill out the form and tell us about you, we love to connect with new people!

We have knowledge, clarity and passion

recruit with knowledge

Our knowledge of the communication industry is both vast and deep due to personal experience.

We are inquisitive by nature and we also spend time teaching within digital communications and marketing. 

Since we spend a lot of our daily time talking to people within the industry we constantly fill our cups with new insight and knowledge.

The rapidly changing digital scene challenges us all to learn and unlearn new things every day.

recruit with clarity

Every day we encounter different demands, company cultures and individuals in an industry that is perpetually changing and evolving.

Since the need for quality and speed is so big we need to be alert and wise. 

We sometimes ask difficult questions, we coach and guide, and we have the ability to see the invisible and hear the unspoken. 

We find different perspectives necessary and we see the potential beyond job descriptions and resumes.

recruit with passion

Evolution and growth are our favourite words. Whether it involves people, culture or business. 

We love to talk to people and discover new paths and solutions. 

Work is such an important part of all of our lives, and we know how much will power and strength is released when we find ourselves in the right context.

We are curious and inventive in our way to expand our network and in matching people and teams so that organisations can flourish. 

Knack’s sister agencies

We are very proud of our two sister agencies, Stockholms Skrivbyrå and Filmbyrån i Stockholm. Two content agencies that often collaborate, one focused on writing and one on video. All three agencies are housed in the same lovely offices in the Old Town of Stockholm.

Stockholms Skrivbyrå