Digital Designer Consultant


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Knack is looking for a driven and skilled consultant to join the team at Swedish startup Planta, in the role of digital designer. You will work in close collaboration with the Planta team while taking on a leading role. Planta does not have an office, and people at Planta work when and where they decide to individually. Your life – your decision!

The assignment

This is a temporary assignment starting asap and running for two to three days per week for a period of four weeks. During this time you will focus on:

  1. Developing and strengthening Planta’s presence in the App Store and preparing for the upcoming launch in Google Play Store. In collaboration with the Planta content writer you will update the product page with new visuals and compelling copy about Planta’s key features in order to increase conversion rates from App Store and Google Play, and ultimately increase the amount of daily downloads.
  2. Together with Planta team identifying relevant key features to highlight in social media ads and then, together with the Planta content writer, produce ads with visuals (pictures/animation/videos) and copy that highlights them in order to increase click through rate to App Store and Google Play. But also, secondarily, increase interaction via likes, comments and shares of the ads.

Planta will provide you with a premium subscription in the app, and an invitation to our Slack Community, where we will have all communication regarding this project.

Who are you?

The Planta team is still small and everyone who joins is an important contributor to Planta’s journey. Therefore we are looking for someone who:

  • Has at least a few years of experience as a digital designer
  • Has great spoken and written communication skills in English
  • Is able to work independently, with a lot of responsibility, as well as in a team
  • Handles working remotely and setting their own work schedule
  • Possesses a basic technical understanding of digital products/apps
  • Is very self sufficient and solution-oriented

It’s a plus if you also have an interest in and knowledge about plants, but it’s not a must.

Working for Planta

Planta believes in individual responsibility, total flexibility, enjoying work and a(pp)solutely no hierarchy. The Planta team is committed to reach our mission of creating the best digital plant service in the world. Oh, and while we are talking about “the world”… that is also your office! We don’t have an office, you work from wherever you want.

About Planta

Planta is an app that helps users to get all the help they need to get impressive, thriving plants in their homes. Or in other words, download Planta and you’ll never kill a plant again! Planta was founded in 2018 and is today a 100% remotely working company of 6-10 people, many as freelance. Planta comes in two languages (Swedish & English) and is available on App Store in US, Canada, UK, Ireland & Sweden.

Later during the strange year of 2020, Planta is expected to be launched in Google Play for Android version, being ready for year 2021! Planta has reached a fantastic rating of 4,8 in the US App Store and includes several popular features such as: Care reminders, Step by step guides, Light meter, Plant identification, Plant Discovery, Dr. Planta and more. But, Planta’s biggest asset is the plant database and algorithms connected to it, that contains specific care instructions for thousands of different plants. Instructions that are depending on the user’s geographical position, climate zone, time of the year, sunlight in the room, potting etc – that’s what makes Planta special, unique and strong.


Contact us at hej@knackrekrytering.se.